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HNT #74: Marriage is Outmoded because people are not Trustworthy!

Initial update on restoring the '59 T-Bird

Well, here's a pic of me giving a Half-Nekkid Finger! lol This one, funky little dent that my aunt somehow put on the corner of her T-Bird at age-90 cost me a good $500+ to get removed! That whole edge of the car could not be reached without cutting out a 6"x3" piece with the dent, pounding it out, and welding the damn piece back on so perfectly you can't tell anything was ever wrong. But this whole project is so labor-intensive 'cause my car guy IS a perfectionist on this car especially & is REALLY restoring it to Factory-New condition. I'm up to $6000 already and we haven't gotten all the dings out, rust ground and sand-blasted off, and grey primer painted on yet! I may suspend the restoration indefinitely once it's all painted up with final red & white colors. (The whole red & white leather interior needs to be replaced & my car guy HAS located a lady who will do it, but it's too early to ask for estimates yet.)

I GUESS I'M GIVING THE FINGER TO THE DAMN COST OF ALL THIS INHERITED COLLECTION OF DENTS AND DINGS which my older son is going to inherit in about 10 years, anyway. It is certainly already "driveable" mechanically, just not presentable for a car show yet. My car guy keeps talking about how much the T-Bird will be worth restored but that doesn't mean crap to me as I will NEVER sell it for less than $100K & that ain't gonna get offered. Being big on Honor, I am committed to my aunt's promise that the T-Bird would one day belong to my son; that's what HE clearly remembers from before she wrote her Will out & lost her memory. This is my older Eagle Scout son (one of the majority who really DO deserve their Eagle rank), so I believe him 100% of the time that he is representing the truth in all things as he understands it when communicating with me. The OTHER son? Well, not so much, lol! I love them BOTH & I've always taken good care of them, but I know them & their characteristics, similar AND different.

The pic just above was a few weeks later at my car guy's. Don't have any other hot HNT pics of me right now. May put something on OHNT, dunno. So I'll just refer you to my friendly finger-wave over the car at top where some very challenging dents were located. You can see the superb fix in the 2nd pic -- and NOT done with Bondo!

NOW, TO THE MORE ETHEREAL & cerebral portion of today's post:
This article's HNT title was a bit of a simplification for sake of headline brevity. More precisely stated, "Traditional US marriage is outmoded because most Americans & our institutions are not trustworthy enough." I reached this epiphany a couple hours after a beautiful young female bartender at my favorite Wing House told me matter-of-factly that she was never going to get married & her mother was very upset over that. I was struck by her very non-traditional statement especially because she appears to be a wonderful person for a good man to be married well with.

Initially, I agreed just because our whole modern society is so predominantly hedonistic and I am so disillusioned by the terribly unjust treatment I was given by a woman whom marriage had given legal equality to me and all my current and future assets. But thinking of the unjust treatment to me by a woman who either was a hidden sociopath or became one over a long-term marriage as she modeled after what she saw her family-of-origin and sub-culture doing in her Texas border hometown. Thinking on it a little more & realizing the lack of concern by today's 20-somethings about concepts of "right & wrong" or anything besides a Party Girl orientation (to include all the guys trying to take advantage of those Party Girls,) it occurs to me that people are now so self-centered and game-playing that they are just NOT TRUSTWORTHY enough to stay married. No wonder divorces rates are @ 50% -- I don't know 2 people now who are trustworthy enough to be married, let alone a married couple where BOTH are trustworthy enough to stay married to each other!

The video below is prurient proof of our hedonistic society. I enjoy watching this stuff at a distance but I gotta say the people performing in it are definitely fucked-up. This is an overfocus on enjoying the here-and-now of sexual pleasure with insufficient attention to future consequences & disregard for the dignity of their future self-images. (Now that I think of it, this reminds me of my ex- & her secrets.)
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