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What's going on?

A while back I mentioned there's one thing I'm learning to like about my shyness. I started being aware that I'm really good at observing other people. It's actually something I look forward to doing now when I'm in social situations. When my friend Evan and I are together, we like to watch others and make up interesting stories about the people we're watching. We take turns adding different aspects to their story and I have to say we've come up with some interesting plots, twists and turns, and even learned a little something new about ourselves by making these stories.
These are some pics I've come across lately that made me curious about what their story is. Some are sexy, some are serious, some are a little silly, some are a little ambiguous. Which one or two or three grab you and make you want to know more?
Number 1. I like this one. They look so serious.
There's so much that can be seen in
their faces and I wonder what
 happened prior to the pic?
Number 2. Was this a spontaneous kiss
or did the guy on the right say something
that prompted the other guy to kiss him?
Number 3. Was this the first time they ever
held hands in public? Wonder what's
going through their minds?
Number 4. I have no clue what's happening here.
So many stories. Kinda ambiguous.
Number 5. Do they have the hots for each other but are
playing it cool? Trying to act all macho? Or are they just
talking about their workout routines? Or is this
a budding man-crush?
Number 6. Did he get stood up? Was he bullied earlier and
wonders where he goes from here? Is he anxious about
asking a cute guy out on a date? Did he just come out
to his family and it didn't go well?
Number 7. What's the guy on the right using his hands for?
Why is the guy on the left not paying attention?
Number 8. Is this in the middle of the night and the awake guy
wishes he had told the other one something earlier?
Number 9. Trying to be oh-so-cool
Number 10. I have no clue. None at all. Your guess
is as good as mine!

Number 11. Is he coming home from some event?
Is he getting ready to go out? What's going
through his mind?
Number 12. Can't see his face. Is he angry?
Embarrassed? Tired? Anxious? Frustrated?
Or just waiting for his roomie to finish his
shower so he can get ready to go out?
What's he thinking about?
Very ambiguous.

Furry Friday...

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