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East Grinstead

Ha.  I dreamt last night that E took me to the main Scientology center in England, at East Grinstead. I dreamt all the details of the place, inside and out, geographical placement, building details, and got it very accurately! 
I told him my dream over lunch, and he looked a little visibly shocked as I described it in vivid detail, and described a few people I met there, and that they were very conscious of me, too. It wasn't a one-way dream, it was a definite traveling. 
I took a look on Google Earth, and my dream was pretty exact. It higher up on more of a hill in my dream, but close enough... The rest was there. 

I love freaking people out with my psychic talents..  ;-) 

Incidentally, both our mothers found out about us dating yesterday. I told mine, and his son told his. I like that, his son is awesome. I'll take that as an acceptance.

Had a beautiful text exchange with Master today. He called me a real warrior and praised what I was doing, stepping back to find my own feet.  That was good. I feel good about this. He also said I can invite him out to lunch still, which is amazing!  I had been scared I had burned all my boats with the email I sent.  He totally got it.  Of course... It is just my fear to own, that there was going to be any 'fall out'. As he said, it's only about love. 
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