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So last night there was a full lunar eclipse in the last degree of Gemini. Right opposite my natal Jupiter. Don't know exactly what that will mean, but that's the thing with eclipses, they are like curve balls, you never can predict what you'll get. 
Anyway, Netflix joined in the synchronicity game quite nicely last night, and Twilight Eclipse arrived. I hadn't paid much attention to what was in my queue lately. Yes, Twilight. Deal with it, I like them.
So, Edward and Jake both come up against bitter jealousy when they realize Bella is in love with them both. They have to overcome that, and do what's best for her, despite their own feelings for each other, to protect her from danger.

I am so not there yet.  But I am going to Master's house tonight, and Ex and Bitch will both be there. Master, being the absolute epitome of compassion, has banned anybody from talking to me. I can just walk in, sit, and then leave, with no need to be at all social with anybody. He said they are so insensitive, that none of them really know what to say to me at the moment, that would help me. They are all full of righteousness and judgment, and he has banned it. And I am immensely grateful.
I get to sit with my Master and not have to deal with the rest of it. He just wants me there, and is doing whatever it takes to keep me coming to see him.

Things with E are going well. He is a sweetheart. He made me nearly die laughing on Saturday, he and I were in Macys, shopping for Christmas gifts, and I was over at the jewelery counter, looking at a few things. He came up behind me, and said, "You're still about 100 blowjobs short of that one!"

He ended up buying me, at my request, a nice cordless screwdriver from Home Depot. I am glad he appreciates my slight XY chromosome imbalance.       
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