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Kicking Ass and Taking Names

I am feeling better about all this today. I threw out my wedding dress last night. Felt good.

I had dinner with my girlfriend S, who knows Ex very well. She had some hilarious things to say, and made me even slightly grateful that all this has happened..
When I told her E induces regular vaginal orgasms in me, due to his being very well hung, and that he was possibly the best fuck I've ever had, she reminded me to hang on to him, that that is a very precious gift.  So true. She was envious.
What else do we all get so bent out of shape about, other than sex, really? And if the sex is awesome, then...

Every woman should have a friend like her.

She also got me Bitch's astrology details, bless her heart.

I have been looking, and liking what I see. She is a total angry bitch, (she has a black belt in something-or-other), and won't take much crap from Ex before she tells him to go to hell. Her Saturn is in direct square to his Mars. Hhmm..  Total buzzkill for him. Disapproval, and sexual confidence undermining. Ha.  I DO hope so. She will find ways to make him feel inadequate. I never did that, I always praised him, encouraged him, had no judgment, no matter what I got in the bedroom. She won't do that! She has just ended a relationship with a hot Latino guy, who was probably an awesome fuck, by the look of him. WHAT she sees in Ex after him, God knows.  Ex is 5'4 and Jewish, need I say more? ;-)

S and I were laughing our asses off about that last night.  
They have other very difficult aspects, such as a Sun Neptune opposition, no honesty about the relationship. They have others, which in themselves would make it a hard deal, but add them all up and you have a disaster waiting to happen.
I hate to say this makes me really fucking happy, but it does.  Well, not 'happy', exactly, but better. Much better. 
They both have heavy Uranus transits coming up, too, in the early new year.  I give it a few months.  Ha.

My astrology mentor, a genius who is never wrong, pointed out that I have amazing astrology myself next year. My solar return chart has an exact new moon, and my progressed chart has Sun conjunct Mars.

I will be kicking ass and taking names.
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