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I sometimes wonder what sort of a person people reading this blog might think I am. I have no way of knowing if I even have any regular readers, or what they think of me, whether I am a decent person or not, and in a way, that's a good thing. 

Well, I would like to think I was a decent person. I try. I might not always get it right, and certainly when it comes to relationships, I have made some bad and selfish choices, and said some things that would make some people think I was a bitch, but really, don't we all? I am hoping anybody reading gets a sense of my freedom with anonymity, to say what's really on my mind, and how that's probably not a lot different than what most people think when they are alone.
I have been feeling a lot of anger and hurt lately. 

I sometimes see things I write here, and judge myself pretty harshly.
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