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What not to say to the recently divorced

This is awesome. Do you know a recently divorced friend? Please, care enough to read this article and learn!!! And if you have nothing smart to say, better to say nothing at all, except "I love you".  No social inanities please.. We don't need 'em.
~What we need is for you to go round and viciously beat up our ex's new girlfriends, or get them arrested for street-walking or something...  

What not to say..

I dreamt last night that I stole Bitch's shoes and was looking for a place in Master's house to hide them. I was all scared that they'd figure out it was me who stole them.
I went over there last night, and Bitch has a room in Master's house. Ex was there, and he had left his shoes and wallet by the front door. He was up in Bitch's room.  I was SO close to stealing his wallet when I left. I only didn't because it would be so obviously me.  Fuck. I should at least have taken my cab fare.  ;-)
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