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6 Months

E and I had sex last night, it was so lovely. He came inside me.  I decided as I had my period, it was probably safe enough. A risk I am willing to take, once in a while. I am after all almost 40, and the risk of pregnancy drops significantly at my age.
Anyway, I am left with a warm glow inside, it felt SO good. All my adult sexual life, that has hardly ever happened. I took the pill for a few years when I was a teenager, but it fucked me up, made me fat, sick and miserable, squashed my sex drive, so I came off it in my early 20's. I have tried various other things, condoms, diaphragms, etc. But nothing beats just a good old fuck like that, does it? So intimate. As nature intended.
I think there must be some pheromone, some hormone, something, in semen that just makes a woman happy. We slept cuddled up all night, it was so nice. We usually do, I love that. SO different than Ex, who was not really very snuggly.
Today E and I have been dating for 6 months. It seemed like a nice way to celebrate that.

It does feel a little odd, somewhere inside me, that I have been dating another man, who isn't Ex, for 6 months now.

Talking of things changing, and my age, my last 2 periods have only really lasted a day. I think perhaps I should go to the doctors and get my hormone levels checked out. Not sure I'm not starting to head into an early menopause or something. It is a bit worrying.  I had such sore boobs this time!!

I dreamt briefly about Master last night, too, he was sitting on a couch across the room from me, looking at me, just for a few moments. 
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