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Dream Diary

I started a dream diary blog, but I am going to have it private, invite only, because I will be writing things in it that can't be anonymous. 
I have had some hideous dreams lately, and some very strange and powerful ones, it's this Sun Neptune transit I think. Lots of things percolating out of my subconscious for inspection, things I don't necessarily want to face or hear in waking life. On my dear friend Sartorius's suggestion last night, that I listen to what is going on with ME, I figured that would be a good place to start, pay closer attention to my dream life. I have done it before, and it can be extraordinary.  Weird shit happens.  The part of your brain responsible for dreams, responds, and gives you treasures, when you pay it attention. I recommend keeping a dream diary.

I am sorry I don't feel like making it public!  Maybe I will share a few that can be written more anonymously.

Last night's was being in the back of a car with Ex and Bitch, and I was lying down on the seat, head away from them, I was feeling so sick and disgusted. Bitch lay down behind me and started to hold me, and I freaked. I was SO angry. I told her, "I am NOT comfortable with that".
See, things I don't want to see and feel. Even in my dream, I couldn't even look either of them in the eye.
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