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HNT #78: Wanna Buy a Great Half-Nekkid Pick-up?

That's the truck, not ME, I'm talking about! lol (Not quite a Used Truck but I've certainly BEEN used throughout my life by plenty of the too-many assholes in this world. Their numbers are LEGION and I don't meant the American Legion!)

Son #1 has recovered fully from whatever overload and a probable medicine mix up by the prescribing ARNP (nurse practitioner), not Doctor. Thanks to those of you who sent good thoughts & prayers on his behalf! He has been well recovered for some time now, but it was unsafe to let him drive to work due to A.M. drowsiness from nighttime meds. Until 4 workdays ago -- that's when he stayed awake driving the 20 highway miles to his workplace (he'd BEEN driving in the afternoons already.) Then 2 workdays ago, I gave him sort of a "check-ride" (remember I was a career AF flyer) as he drove the second time to work and maintained full wakefulness!

I guarantee you can tell if a person is too drowsy if you will watch their eyes & where they are looking most of the time -- you can pretend to be just chatting with them if a subterfuge is needed. If he had nodded off a SINGLE time, I would have shouted him back to wakefulness and insisted he pull over & let me finish driving for safety's sake. But I am happy to report, he did just FINE! [Now, I get an extra 3 hours each day to take care of other projects for him here at home and even write an occasional blog article.]

We also need a little daily break from each other just to relieve normal "father-son interaction-stress & tension." I have some of my OWN critically-pressing doctor's appointments in Tampa that I had to reschedule over the last 3 months he couldn't drive. That will give us a 1 - 2 week "break" each month when I drive the 5 hours southward to MY docs & residence. It was a helluva way to get it, but I finally have what is left of my family back together again! :)
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