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I completed my Scientology course last night, and thinking about what has happened this last month, I can't help but see the correlations. Some of it was somewhat consciously done, but some just synchronistically sort of seemed to just 'happen'. 
I moved on.  I got over some of Life's Ups and Downs. Thank you LRH.

Last night's finishing up was about how to handle things, how to peaceably deal with the antagonistic people in your life, do your best, somewhat simplistic and idealistic perhaps, but not altogether unworkable in most cases. The second option was just to 'disconnect' and move on. Which was what I had to do. No 'handling' the situation with Ex, and those of Master's people that were so covertly antagonistic.   It made me feel better, and that's the point, isn't it?  It validated me, while Master's peeps were intent on invalidating me, so it would seem. Certainly felt that way a lot...
And I think that's what this course did, brought my attention to what I was feeling, rather than what was being said. 2 very different things. 

I feel better, freer, lighter, happier, less stressed and suppressed, more able to heal and move on from what was the worst year of my life.
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