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I had a nice chat with S on msn this morning.. ;-)  He is naughty..  Did me good.  He's been missing me, which is weird, as I spent so much of my life, pining over him! Funny to see the tables turned, and here he is, saying he's sad, and he misses me.. Hhmm.. He also wants me to massage his prostate next time he comes to visit. He's never had anybody do that before, and he's been reading about it.  Something I have also never done. I tried with Ex once, but his butt hole was so firmly welded shut, I couldn't even get my pinky up there!  He could NOT relax.. E is a bit like that, I made some kind of offhand joke about anal the other day, and he visibly tightened up.. lol    Which isn't so bad, it's not one of my favourite things.  I don't mind not getting any anal at the moment. 

S typed the word functionality, with no 'n'. I like that. Fuctionality. I guess you could also have dysfuctionality.  I asked him if that was Freudian, or whether he meant it.  He said a bit of both, then said he thought Freud must have been a dirty old bugger.  Ha.  

Had some great sex with E at the weekend though, and I am really getting the hang of this being on top thing, it works well for us, him being quite a big guy, (in more ways than one), and he sometimes doesn't have the arms to hold himself up when he's on top and gets tired easily. I love that nice warm belly, very nice to rub up against... I have come practically every time I've been on top lately.

I had my period at the weekend, so more unprotected fucking, as nature intended, and on Sunday, we had a simultaneous orgasm, which was a lot of fun!!  I am getting shivers just thinking about that one.  I like being filled with cum.  There's something very emotionally satisfying about it. I sat there all Sunday feeling very satisfied and happy, and feeling a lot of love for E, thinking about it. Ex hardly ever did that, he always pulled out, even when I had my period. I think we only did that about twice in nearly 10 years of marriage. Which seems wrong, now. 

My girlfriend S got laid at the weekend, by a guy she met on, and texted me to say he had a small dick, and the sex wasn't that great...  S, girlfriend, I'm sorry..  I think she's envious of E.  ;-) 
She has another date lined up on Wednesday.  I told her to text me again. I hope she does better this time around!
I'm kind of envious of her!  Would be fun to still be on the open market, in a way..  Though, I am pretty happy with E right now.  Things are going well there, he's a sweetheart, good company, and a great fuck.
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