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Mum verified, she did have a paisley mini-dress, it was brown and orange, with cream coloured cuffs, and she did get sick a lot throughout the pregnancy, and spent a lot of time at the Dr's surgery with Dr R.

All things that weren't all that improbable, really, but the dress? Maybe also not that improbable, it was the early 70's. But still, that's pretty interesting.

I did feel happier yesterday, lighter, more optimistic. But that could have been the sunny weather we had yesterday, and spring fever. I am going to be objective about this, and see what really is demonstrably the benefit in my life, put this shit to the test.
I did also notice, I spent a lot less time obsessing about Ex today, despite catching sight of him on the way there. I thought that was going to really flip me out, but I think it had the opposite effect. He's still alive, life goes on.

E said you can be specific, go into specific incidents, and untangle them. That would be useful!  We had an interesting conversation about it over lunch yesterday, he's had perhaps 500 hours of auditing, in various different forms, he said it's got pretty wild and crazy, and over the course of 20+ years, his IQ has gone up significantly. That interests me. I have taken IQ tests at various points in my life and always come out at exactly the same number.  ~And been happy it hasn't decreased.. ;-)
He is very smart and functional.  A good candidate for a positive example. He is currently at level 0, whatever that means, he's working his way through the communications part of the process.

Hello to my 2 new 'followers', thanks for following!  :)
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