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Boston Marathon and Odds & Ends

Hi All.....

Just a few odds and ends.

Monday (4/18) is the Boston Marathon and since Brad and I are not too far from some of the roads along the route, we won't be posting Monday. My aunt and uncle will be running the Marathon and Brad and I will be cheering them on!

My aunt had breast cancer a few years back (she's totally fine now), and since they've been marathon runners for years now, they are running this year as part of a breast cancer charity. There's one section of the route that's known as Heartbreak Hill in Newton, MA, and it's the only real hill on the entire route. It's maybe 2/3 of the way into the route and the incline is suppose to be a real killer. So, me and Brad and 3 other couples will be at the foot of the hill to cheer them on! Then we will make our way over to the subway heading downtown to the Finish Line to meet up with them and celebrate!! I'm so proud of my aunt and uncle. They're really great people and I know they are going to give us a hard time for taking the subway, but, hey, maybe someday I'll train for it too!

Also, as a followup to Brad's post about going to the prom (he's busy right now on an outing with his family and asked me to relate this), he wanted all of you to know WE'RE GOING TO THE PROM!!!!! I'm totally psyched and can't wait to get dressed up for it. He (jokingly) said now he has to go pick out his Prom dress!! LOL. Seriously, we are totally up for this. There will be some other same-sex couples there and they have two faculty advisors from the Gay-Straight Alliance club who will be there. They said the principal is TOTALLY supportive of this and supposedly things will be monitored in case there are any sour apples in the bunch.

We're hoping to begin next week posting some of the things we've talked about in past posts. Some of the good things we have going for us as well as some of the things that have been really hard for us to work through. It's kinda scary being so vulnerable about this stuff, but one of the things we wanted this blog to be about is a glimpse into how we're making this relationship work so other gay teens (and adults, etc.) can maybe get a sense of how we're doing it, NOT saying the way we're doing it is the right way or the only way for others, just our way. Maybe we can all learn from each other.

Talk to you then!
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