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Meeting Matt, part 1

I always liked birthday parties as a kid. I mean, who doesn't? When you're little, going to somebody's house where the whole meal is cake with thick icing in all different colors, ice cream in a half-dozen flavors, jelly beans and cupcakes, is like being in heaven! For a little kid, all this sugar overload is the equivalent of adults going to a fancy restaurant where you feast on lobster and steak, expensive wine and all the fancy-smancy sides that have names in a foreign language.

But, you grow up, right? I knew that birthday party I went to in May almost a year ago when I was seventeen would be nothing like the ones I went to when I was five, or seven, or ten. I knew it would be different, but I had no idea what I was in for.

My friend, Tyler, invited me to the birthday party he was having for himself and his closest friend. Tyler and I had worked together as baggers and stock boys at a grocery store for about 6 months. He said he and his buddy, Matt, were childhood friends and their birthdays were 7 days apart. He said they always picked the 4th day in-between to have a party for themselves.

I knew Tyler was straight and, to be honest, it sounded a little weird that two guys would work out this kind of deal. He said their parents began the tradition when they were 5-years-old, and then Tyler and Matt just kept it going ever since. This was going to be their eighteenth birthday -- and all weirdness aside -- that is a pretty big cause for celebration.

Tyler said, "You'll like Matt. He's totally awesome." He thought about this about two seconds and added, "We're almost like identical brothers." I secretly hoped that was literally true, because I had a hard time taking my eyes off Tyler when we worked together. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, a small waist and the sweetest little bubble butt I'd ever seen. He had almost caught me a few times while I was discretely lusting on his body. Tyler knew I was gay and was totally cool with it, but I'm pretty sure he saw my face redden when he mentioned the "identical brother" part. He looked at me, had a sly grin on his face and gave a quick wink. I'm sure I got even more red when it occurred to me that Tyler probably knew I had been stealing looks at him. So much for my "discrete lusting"! (Hey, don't jump to any opinions about my moral character. There's a difference in being a slut and a normal gay [and most of the time horny] teenage virgin, which I was then! LOL).

So on the day of the party, I went through about a dozen different changes of clothes (which is par for the course when I'm nervous -- or want to make a good impression). I messed with my hair and tried at least 5 or 6 different looks: the dry and messy look, a sort of spiked look with gel, All American Boy-standard look (you know, sorta "Boy Next Door" thing), etc., etc.

And what about make-up? Hmmmm, let's see, what kind of mood am I in? I decided on just a little faint eye-liner. Somebody had told me it always made my eyes slightly more intense and brought out the gray-blue of my irises. I decided on some clear fingernail polish on my fingers and a light gray polish for my thumbs. And I definitely needed to shave (I mean, it had been three days and there were probably 7 or 8 stray hairs on different parts of my face). There, all set!

After getting all dolled up, I was waiting for Christine to come pick me up. Christine, one of the cashiers at the grocery store, was going too. She and I had become something like "girlfriends" over the time we worked together. She came by to pick me up and we both totally raved about what the other was wearing. She was going to be the only one there I knew, except for Tyler.

Now on to the party! Full speed ahead! See the next post tomorrow (Meeting Matt, Part 2) for what happens next.
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