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Dreamt I went to see what I thought was going to be a play, with E, Ex, Master, and my mum. It wasn't a play, it was a movie, shown on a small TV, and we had to sit on a hard wooden bench, and the movie was 3 hours long. I knew I couldn't sit there for that much time, and the movie would be boring. So E, mum and I left. I kissed Ex and Master, and hugged them, told them I loved them, and left.
When I left, I asked the woman for my money back, she said I could have credit, in case I ever wanted to return.
Interesting..   So sad, to leave Ex. I woke up feeling SO sad...

E stayed last night, I had a multiple orgasm. The more I let go of Ex, the more deeply I am falling for E. It's pretty awesome. We had a lovely dinner last night, watched 2 episodes of the tv show we're watching at the moment on Netflix, and then fucked, and it was glorious.  I am well happy with our sex life. There's a real intimacy developing, which blows me away sometimes, when I look into his face and see his soul, with no defenses. His face changes so dramatically when we're having sex, it fascinates me. We still make eye contact when we come, it's amazing. All my life, I have closed my eyes and enjoyed my own private orgasm, and it's not the same, it always opens my heart right up when I keep eye contact with E. Was feeling so much love last night.. Wow..

Then we snuggled up and watched an episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos in bed on my iPhone, E is the perfect nerd, we're so compatible in our nerdiness. I love it.

Hello Ishtar, thanks for following.  :)
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