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Ozzy! Ozzy! Ozzy!

Holy crap!!!  Had one of the best dreams EVER...

Flew down to Birmingham Alabama to see Ozzy play, and managed to get back stage and to where he was staying. I sat on his couch and was hanging out while he was getting ready. Sharon had a pet rabbit I was petting.  Ozzy after a while started asking me questions about myself and we really hit it off! I hugged him and snuggled up on the couch with him, he was so lovely!! We became friends and I was asking him if he knew how much his fans loved him? Playing in background was Mr Crowley. Ha.  

He went on stage, and I saw the show and afterwards, and when I left, his manager gave me a call and I missed it and had to call back, I spoke to his manager, and Ozzy wanted to hang some more and invited me back!

Next I was at a giant casino, and there was one of those machines with the moving shelves where you roll coins and they push the other coins off the shelf, and I won.  I felt Wealthy. Had a sense that I had Money.. Serious Money..
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