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More dreams this morning, though I can't remember what, and I don't think they were unpleasant. I did wake up at 2am really horny though, and fell asleep again before I came. Guess I was more tired than horny.  I haven't masturbated much at all since dating E. I probably should, just to keep my hand in, (so to speak), but my needs are being met adequately! It is so nice to get a regular fucking. All the time I was married, Ex used to go meditate more often than not, and I would be left to my own devices. Jesus, it's no wonder I started looking elsewhere, when I come to think of it. We only ever had sex about once a week, at the most. Not enough for me..
(I wonder how Bitch is dealing with that. Is she getting fucked by Master? It's been good not having S around this week, she's training for a new job, so I think it's helping, not talking with her about it all.)

I had another very powerful and intense orgasm at the weekend. Not so emotionally intense as the other one, but... Just as much fun. 

I got some good doggy style, which was great. Usually E's back or knees are a bit too bad for that, but we found a nice pillow for him to kneel on. It was great, he's usually so laid back, and it's usually me on top doing most of the work, he's generally quite a passive, gentle lover, but he rolled me onto my stomach the other morning, and poured massage oil all over my buttocks, and then gave me a good hard pounding from behind, it was awesome.

I asked him the anal question on Sunday. He's never done it. I said I had, 'a few times'. Well, I didn't want to tell him "yes, been taking it up the ass regularly for about the last 20 years".. He's a bit freaked out about personal hygiene, so I wasn't surprised when he said he had never done that, and had no intention of it. He's a very private bathroom person, and even now, after 8 months, closes the door when he takes a pee!! And I still haven't heard him fart. Which is kind of sweet, I don't mind that, it makes me smile. I feel respected, by his gentlemanly behavior. 
He likes 'normal' sex, although I don't rule out a good spanking, I think he could get into that!  He half-playfully started a spanking recently, and I encouraged it.  I might just have to try the "I've been a bad girl" line on him, and see what happens.

I have a confession.  E is somewhat overweight, (not massively, I'd say about 30lbs maybe), and I love it. I have never fucked a fat guy before, and it's sexy!  I just love his body. I can't keep my hands off him, he's so cuddly. It feels so nice.  He has self-image issues, which is sad, so I am always trying to tell him and show him how sexy I find him.
And it's nice to get over my shallow prejudices about it, too. I have only ever really dated pretty, skinny, athletic boys, it's a total change for me, to date a much more masculine 'man's man', with that extra weight on.  He is 70lbs more than me. He's much more masculine than Ex, not just physically, but in what he does, his interests, etc. He knows his way round a power tool, and that's hot.  I was always the man of the family when it came to stuff like that with Ex. I would do it, or he would pay somebody.. E just gets it done. It's awesome.  He put an Ikea bookcase together in about 20 minutes at the weekend, and it got me really hot, watching..  lol 
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