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Risky Business

We mentioned a while back that we wanted to write in a little more depth about some of the things we've discovered about ourselves as a couple. Some of these things are going to be easy to write about because they're fun and positive and -- at least to us -- interesting.

We're even talking about some stuff that has to do with our sex life. Some of the sexual stuff will be kinda funny, like a couple of unexpected hilarious things that happened in the heat of the moment. And then there's the difficult things maybe everybody goes through in the beginning like how to talk about what you like and don't like about sex. And then there's all that stuff about what sex means. Sometimes it's just pure and simple play. At other times it has all kinds of different meanings to is, some that are wonderful and exciting and some that are all tangled up in stuff that's happened in our past and is difficult and painful.

So we decided to write about one or two of these "serious" topics a week and use the rest of the week to slip in either some topics that mean a lot to us (like Prom Night, what we're dong this summer, some book reviews, etc.) or to just yap about such crucial issues as Matt's obsession with guys in Speedos or Brad's secret sexual fantasies (one of which Matt doesn't even know about yet)..... {"Huh??, Matt says"}.

There are two ground rules we agreed on as we go forward:

  1. We both have to agree on any draft before it's published. Some of the topics are going to be seriously personal where we talk about painful things. Other topics might be very revealing and maybe embarrassing. So, these are topics we have to talk through first and both agree that what we've written is ready to be revealed.
  2. Except for some of the silly and fun topics, we want to stay true to our "Mission Statement", as Missy calls it:
We're keeping these three things in mind while writing our blog: (1) Maybe you're a gay teen who's never been in a relationship and you're wanting to get a glimpse into how we're doing it; (2) Maybe you're in a relationship and we can all learn some things from each other; (3) Maybe you just want to go on this journey with us by offering you're insights, sharing in our discoveries, celebrating our love and offering your support.
So tomorrow Brad wants to write about the first crisis we faced. We both talked long and hard about whether to reveal what it's about in such a public place. For Brad it was an extremely hard thing to reveal and he almost decided to scrap it. For Matt it's very embarrassing and, well, you'll see for yourself tomorrow. In the end we both agreed that it's in keeping with our "Mission Statement" and we hope others can see how hard it is to confront very personal and difficult issues in a relationship. Relationships can be many things and you'll see tomorrow how we're both discovering it can truly be a Risky Business.
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