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Interesting.. I mentioned below the current astrology, well, it's all happening on a point of the zodiac to do with healing, and it involves Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars, planets of women, communication, expansion, energy. 
For months now, I have been having run-ins with one of our admin ladies, she's been a bitch.  A well known around the office bitch, it's not just me. Which has been a source of sadness, we were good friends until recently.
So she said something this morning, I am supposed to get some paperwork in to her once a week, and I have fallen a bit behind, with my depression, I find it really hard to push through it and get work done sometimes. My bad, I know. I have been feeling guilty. Generally the people I work with are very understanding, but..  I have been a slacker.
She snapped at me this morning, when I handed in what should have been handed in on Monday. I burst out crying, and went back to my desk, feeling like an idiot. She came over, and gave me a hug and some chocolate, and we talked, and it really healed the relationship, I think.  She explained some things about her job that I hadn't known, and I to her about my personal life, and the stress and depression, and somewhere in the middle, a healing happened.  I feel better.  I think I have also been so stressed out about work being so slow, and job security, and money, too. 
Well, that's one thing that feels better, at least. I had a good cry, and got a hug, but am still waiting on any email from Ex... Which is silly, he's most likely at work all day, and he is one of probably very few people on earth, who doesn't have a computer in his office. So I am trying to let go of that until later. And E is coming over tonight, so I won't check email until tomorrow morning.
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