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Keeping a dog, and not barking myself...

I had a long chat with my mom, filled her in on the politics of what to say and what not to say to Ex when they meet for lunch. Told her that he doesn't know about E, and that he doesn't know S and I have been talking all this while, so not to mention her to him, nor to her that they might meet either. S also wants to meet my mom when she's here. Arghh, it gets complicated..
My mom is great, she is willing to meet him, and I said to her, 'do you mind that you're my dog, and I don't have to bark myself, if you go see him?'  She gets a chance to redeem herself here for all the stupid, selfish and painful stuff she said and did during our divorce.
No doubt she will need a reminder nearer her visit, but for now, she understood.
I also told her, I know what will happen when you see Ex, you'll burst out crying, and that is perfectly ok, in fact, that is perfect. It will make him feel something, and I don't have to do it, I can keep my dignity and distance. Bless my mom, she got that, understood. She is brave. I know she will be a nervous wreck, but she is willing to do that, face all those hard feelings, for me.

S is having a crisis. Her mom has pneumonia, and is in hospital. I have been urging her to take a few days, go and visit her. I think it would do her good. She has been reading her ex's email! She has his password, and for years now, has been snooping. I think she rocks, for confessing that to me. But karma has finally caught up with her, she read yesterday that he's marrying the woman he left her a few years ago for, in October! They are getting married, in the place where he said he would marry S. Ouch! And she's devastated. I would be too. I feel for her. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
At least I can be about 85% sure that Ex will never marry Bitch, Master would never allow it, and I don't think Ex would want to be married again anyway. THAT is a blessing. I am a bit worried about S.
I have been tempted SO many times to read Ex's email, I am sure he never changed his password, but thankfully I have never actually done it, always too fucking chickenshit, honestly, rather than some moral thing I have about it, but sometimes I think that's a good thing.
That, and the guy S has been dating, his profile went back up on  so he's dating again.. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make her life all work out ok.
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