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No email from Ex. This is so hard. I know, I said for him not to get in touch, unless he had something genuine to say. I was kind of hoping that would be a clue, that I did still want to hear from him, just not any bullshit. But then, he's really not good with 'subtle', I forget that.

Men, women are so confusing. We confuse ourselves, for fuck's sake. We do say no when we mean yes sometimes. "Don't contact me" really means, "you stupid fucker, I love you, I miss you, I'm angry, my heart is breaking here, write and tell me that you still love me, too".  Not going to happen, is it. And it probably shouldn't, either.

I am so sad today.

I had a weird moment with E yesterday, too. I think I was feeling insecure, and PMSy, and weird that D had spent so much time talking in front of him about Ex. He was good though, and said everything was ok. I am so lucky there, E is a Good Man.   

S went to a psychic at the weekend, she emailed me the taped transcript, this woman is good. I think I want to go see her. She was brutally honest with S, it was very cool to listen to, as S did her neurotic dance, and she told her she was full of shit, (though kindly). I would trust that woman with the truth.  If she can handle S, then she can handle me.  I love a psychic that isn't afraid to tell it like it is.
It was good to talk to her last night, she always makes me laugh, I need that. I can take or leave her 'advice' though. I think I am learning that.

Meanwhile, my Uncle's life is collapsing, he's left his wife and 3 teenage kids, and is now living at my mom's house.    
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