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The Devil made me do it..

Talked to both D and S on the phone last night for about an hour each, and sent them both a copy of the email I wrote Ex, and both laughed at my herpes comment.. Shit, the Devil made me do it..

D very helpfully suggested something obvious, that I should have thought of myself, to ask my brain not to dream about Ex any more. It worked, at least last night.  I just dreamt about Master, and his woman, instead, and we all flew somewhere sunny on vacation, and I was invited, so I went. She made me some tea.  Ex and bitch were there, but not there, I didn't dream about them, but they weren't not there. B wasn't there, that was part of it. B had left.
I also dreamt I slept with E's step-son.. He is kind of cute.. ;-)  Hhmm, felt a little weird though, even to a cougar like me. 

S cracks me up. She is so funny. And D, too. He asked if Ex knew I was dating E, I said I didn't think so, so he said, 'why don't you tell him you're dating me!'  OMG, I howled with laughter.. What a devious thing to say.. I am sorely tempted.  ;-)  I love D, he's hilariously twisted..  The irony being, of course, that he is one of bitch's exes.

No email from Ex yet, but I'm not really expecting anything, at least until after Monday. And then maybe nothing, because it's like S said, if he gets what I was trying to communicate, then he won't respond, won't try and justify himself, etc.. He will just let me be.
She wasn't surprised he had emailed me. She said things with him and bitch are uncomfortable, and he probably wants mom. Me, in this case.
I found out last night, bitch has a DUI, and when she got pulled over, the cop slammed her face into the asphalt, because she resisted and gave him crap. Interesting.. That isn't normal behavior, to piss off a cop so much, he body-slams you into the asphalt.  D also said, Master isn't fucking bitch, because he knows she has herpes. I wonder if he thought to tell Ex.
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