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A Dream and a gift

Dreamt I was on vacation with Ex, E and Master's old friend D, and when they were both out of the room D and I kissed, and they were both a little upset. But somehow it was non-sexual, just an expression of love.
We drove somewhere in a big white car like a Bentley or a Rolls Royce and there was an ambulance there and somehow it was my Dad's house. Now I am a little worried about my Dad... I sometimes have prophetic dreams. I hope that ambulance at his house doesn't mean anything.

Ex has been sending me emails, asking when my parent's birthdays are. Even though I asked for no contact. My mom has a big birthday coming up in a month, and he asked where she might like a gift card to.  (Yeah, add $150,000 to that, and you'll be off the hook).  I hope he spends a shitload on her. He can be very generous when he wants to be, and he has some kind of guilty conscience, I'm guessing.  Even if it's not conscious on his part, he does, I can tell. Good for mom.
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