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I spoke to my real estate gf about buying a place. I have to get myself off Ex's home loan first, she suggested I talk to an attorney! Sooo, I am quite relieved. It gives me an excuse to do that now. And quite horrified at the prospect of all it will bring up, too! 
It's ridiculous, I talked myself out of the house, but not off the loan. WTF?

I likely won't be able to get a mortgage until I am off his. I had forgotten I was even on it.  Scary.  I might have to fight for this one, I have no idea, but it could open up the possibility of getting some $'s from him again, I have no idea, but it's something that whether I like it or not, has to be dealt with and cleared up, if I'm to get into my own place.
I think what that might mean for him, is that he has to refinance, to get me off the loan, which might involve him having to sell one of the other properties that he owns, that I quit claim deeded my way out of.
IF he's willing to do that. Which is why I need an attorney. Oh, did I mention, his father was a property attorney.

Other than that, what she said was good. 
I have looked up the contact info for the woman S recommended I go to.

I lay in bed this morning, sending myself some Reiki, and this is the immediate result, I guess. I didn't really know what to apply it to, or in other words, what to pray/ask for, so I sent out a general request for Help to the Universe, and this is what instantly comes back.. Interesting. 

A way to finally separate myself from Ex for good. I hadn't even considered this for aeons. I had forgotten all about it. At the time we split, I wasn't thinking about the possibility of buying my own place.
I will talk to an attorney before I talk with Ex. Might even just have them send him a letter. As my gf said, that's their job, not yours. To handle the nasty stuff. It needs to get handled. It hasn't been. It's a tie, some karma still. 
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