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Poor S, her ex is getting married in October, and she's freaking out. Can't blame her. That's one thing I don't think will happen with my Ex, thank God. Can't see he would ever marry Bitch. Master would never let that happen, for a start.
Was feeling so much rage this morning again, it comes and goes. About the money. At least it seems to be less often lately that it happens.
Maybe I should go for it with the Attorney, I don't think I will get any peace of mind until something happens to close and heal all this. 

Talking of marrying, one of my coworkers came over to see me yesterday, and said "Carrots". What? "Carrots!", Huh? "Oh, you know, CARATS, when is E going to propose?"  What sort of a comment was that?  She has a massive finger full of diamonds, and I think she likes to flaunt that. I don't think she means anything by that, but it is painful.

Happy Solstice!  Mars into Gemini a day or so ago. That will help me! 

I have been thinking about some kind of ritual to do, perhaps.  For what, I don't quite know. Closure, healing, acceptance, justice, money, all of the above. I have a friend who's into Goetic magic and have been thinking about asking for her help. I wouldn't know where to start, and am not confident enough with that to do it myself. But something needs to happen. I need to DO something, then I can let it go. Once I know I've done something.  Though I have no idea what at the moment.
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