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This makes me grateful for my freedom to blog! Very sad.. Amina, a Syrian girl, abducted by police for blogging about her gay lifestyle and politics. Puts my troubles in to more perspective...

I was awake all night, fuming over what Ex said to me in his last email a week or so ago, about my 'creating a drama'. He has NO idea the drama I didn't create.  I so badly want to tell him that.

I didn't read his emails, I didn't delete his email account, I didn't put Liquid Ass in his car or house, (S and I had plenty a giggle over the possibility of that though), I didn't get Bitch fired from her job, I didn't take him to the cleaners financially when we got divorced. I walked away with nothing, and left quietly as I could, causing as little trouble as I could, for him, for her, for Master, and leaving behind me any chance of financial security for myself. I did that out of love for him.  That fucker. Lessons learned. Look out for yourself better, ladies. I didn't. I regret it. That fucker got away with SO much. Literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has NO idea....  And it's a big mistake I won't be making again. I have been piss-poor this year, paying medical bills, etc, with no pay rise for 3 years now at work, either. I have made a lot of sacrifices this year, because I couldn't afford things. Like a trip home to see family, a car, etc. I should have taken more from him. I really fucking regret that I didn't take better care of myself in all that.

I think I need to do some financial Feng Shui. A nice shrine to Laxmi or Jupiter or something. Jupiter is now in Taurus, which means we should start to see the end of this stressful financial situation, individually and collectively.
And I need to remind Ex of what drama I didn't create, but I won't do it now. I will wait for a few months, as advised.

That asshole.  I could have made his life VERY difficult. Could have. I made my own pretty hard, instead.

Jonathan Cainer's horoscope for me today,

The truth is a sharp sword. You have to be careful how you use it, for it can often appear to do as much harm as good. You must also be conscious in the way that you sheathe it. If, in trying to protect others from its naked power, you keep it too close to your chest, you may put yourself at risk. You now know something that someone else needs to know. Be delicate in the way you share this information but find some way to communicate it. In the process of doing this, you will make a discovery of your own.
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