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Goering and Bono

So it's agreed then.  Ex and I are taking a few months break from trying to be friends again. I am sad. I hate the thought of spending another entire summer with no contact with him. This will be our 3rd fucked up summer now.
July 4th weekend, 2 years ago with A, and last years' leg injury in early July, is taking on a weird symmetrical existence in my head with my Jewish Ex, and last night's Scientology Audit. Momentous Things seem to happen in early July.
It was the start of the Battle of Britain, and I was in Hamburg, early July 1940, I was dumped on a train platform by my husband who headed south from there to Munich.  I was picked up an hour later, cold, and confused, by Goering and 2 Gestapo officers, and driven to Goering's wife Emmy's house in Hamburg. She was a blonde with curly hair, and met us at the door with a small dog. There was a party going on, and I was asked if I wanted to join them, I said not, so Emmy took me upstairs and put me in a very comfortable but basic guest room, with wooden walls and a beautiful carved wooden vanity unit. I crawled into bed, hearing the party downstairs, and felt so much comfort from that.

Funny, I had no idea of the significance of that time in Goering's life!  Somewhere in my head, I might have, but it certainly wasn't conscious on my part! 

Karma is so damn odd.   There is more to this, another dimension I can't write about, because it would make it pretty obvious who I was to anybody reading who knew me. But it's even weirder considering the timing. 

Saw the U2 show up in Seattle at the weekend! Well worth the hours on the freeway to get there!  First song up was Lenny Kravitz, It Ain't Over Til It's Over. Of course, I cried, but I don't think E saw my eyes leaking. I hope not.  We had a great (but emotional, for me) time!  Ex and I both love U2, and our last few happy memories together were set to No Line On The Horizon.  Great album.  I should get it again. Ex has it, I didn't make a copy.
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