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Urrrghh.. Had the worst nightmare I've had in a long time. I was kidnapped by horrible skanky toothless mean bikers, and taken somewhere that wasn't home, miles away. I had nothing with me, except a Blackberry I couldn't figure out how to use, and that didn't have any of my contacts in it. I tried calling some people and couldn't remember anybody's phone numbers, and kept mis-dialing, and went into a panic.
Somehow it was also my home town I was at, where I grew up, but somewhere in the way middle of the country like Nebraska or somewhere too. 
I had also lost my cat, and somehow managed to find her and put her in a box, and call mom, who was supposed to come pick her up and take her home, only it never happened, can't remember if that was mom's fault or the cat escaped, but she never made it home.
I woke up really sad and full of anxiety.
E said I was crying in my sleep the other night, too. I don't remember that.

I feel some low-level panic today, about the prospect of talking to attorneys and Ex about this home loan thing. 

I had dinner with S last night, and a long walk with her dog in her local park, it was great, just what I needed. I told her the whole home-loan thing. And the woman that left Master the other day has gone back, apparently. Only because she has no other life, nowhere else to go!  He took everything else from her, house, partner, cat, etc. (Though, they would all say that was 'her choice'). She now lives in a crappy little apartment just around the corner which she hates, and has no other social life whatsoever, or any career to speak of, though that's not Master's fault. I feel bad for her. But I am not reaching out.

I need to find another name to use for Master here, he's not my Master any more.
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