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Why do our minds do such mean shit to us some mornings?

Dreamt I was with my boyfriend Stuart, from when I was 16, and we took off really fast  away from my mum and dad on a bus, and I forgot my cameras, so he lent me his. He had his arm around me, and it felt wonderful. We were so in love, and I was telling him about LRH and his stint in the Israeli secret service, and how it consisted of  2 sightseeing tours on which he smoked 2 joints.  There were amazing clouds in a swirl, and I wanted to take photos. Also I was riding a bike with him near dads house on the way to the supermarket near his house.

LRH in the Israeli Secret Service? Wtf kind of dream is that? lol  Although, Stuart was the person who introduced me to pot when I was 15.

Anyway, as for the rest of it, Stuart, my bf back then, we dated for a year, almost exactly, and he was the perfect boyfriend, sexy, curly haired, smart, hilarious, popular, pot smoker, goth, super-math-genius, big dick, and I had such a hard time getting over it when he dumped me out of the blue, and took up with a friend of mine, and went through a complete personality change. (See a pattern emerging here?)  I have looked for him once or twice on Facebook, and it's probably a good thing that he's not on there. His brother is, and I unfriended him a year or so ago, knowing my own tendencies.
I would love to know what he's doing now, where he is. I googled briefly, this morning from my phone and found a few comments on a blog, with no link to any profile, or way to get in touch. He's internet-invisible. Smart guy.
I heard from his brother a few years ago, that he had moved to Barcelona. He's probably some super-smart tech geek getting paid a ton of money, and living some super-life in Europe's Tapas Bars, from his Mac laptop. He probably has 2 super-cute curly-haired kids and a gorgeous skinny ex-model wife with a trust fund.
Either that or he lost all his hair and put on 50lbs, and is an unemployed pot-smoker, who plays Dungeons & Dragons and never did anything with all that talent. Could have gone either way. I will try to imagine the fat balding pot smoker.
There's a thin line between curiosity and super-stalker crazy bitch. I loved that one, a lot. He was awesome. Nobody's ever quite replaced him, except Ex, who came pretty close. I think he set The Standard by which all lovers since haven't measured up, quite.

Moving on...
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