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2 Black Crows

Dreamt the ground was white, covered in snow, and 2 black crows landed..

Still feeling a little freaked out by the job scene, and whether or not to buy a condo. I went and looked at a bunch the other night with my real estate girlfriend. Nothing I wanted to buy, thankfully. I am going ahead until I get an obvious reason not to. I have asked for real big obvious signs I can't ignore.
I am also thinking about this whole debt ceiling thing, and what it will mean for loans longer term. Maybe I'm being steered away from a disaster.    

I did a Banishing Pentagram ritual the night before last, and asked for the bad energy at work to be banished. First time I've done anything like that in a while. I also rearranged my living room, I noticed according to Feng Shui, my career sector was blocked by my couch. I have a defunct gas fireplace there, which I never use, and isn't connected. I might do something like put a picture of fire in there or something similar.  Well, it can't hurt. 

One of my favourite must-read-every-day famous astrologers sent me an email, after I sent him one asking what he charges for personal readings. He sent me back an amazing letter, all about a tough time in his own life, how he survived it, and what he felt was coming for me. He said he didn't look at my chart, because he'd have to charge me, (After I'd asked how much he charges?) but just on his intense and overwhelming feeling on reading my email, there was still a tough time ahead for me in the short term, but I have a special gift, something he felt I was "super good at" and coming up really soon, I will be asked to use it more, and that is what this is all about. he didn't feel I'd have much choice about this.  It was pretty interesting!!  
I was a bit blown away to get such a kind, funny, and lengthy email from such a famous astrologer!

The good thing about this, is that it's taken my mind off Ex quite a bit!  Ex? Ex who?  I have been crying a lot, but it's not about him, I think it's a general stress reaction. I haven't seen S in quite a while now, nor heard anything from her. That is a bit of a mystery, but.. I think it's doing me good not to hear all about their life over at Master's place. Our last conversation really upset me.

I have also lost 3lbs in 2 weeks. Not much, but better than gaining it. 

Had awesome quickie-sex with E this morning before work. You know when you just really want some, and it feels fucking amazing.. I think I lasted about 5 minutes, E about 10.  Perfect, we weren't late for work.. Interestingly, my best friend from high school is having a thing with a coworker too at the moment, so we've been trading emails. E and I just celebrated our 11 month anniversary, too, which is quite freaky. One of the best and worst years of my life, all rolled into one.   
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