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I have pulled the trigger, talked to my attorney this morning, and emailed my financial advisor, and 2 mortgage lenders.. Now I can see what loan I can get, and start seriously looking for a place!

Attorney said that getting a loan while still on Ex's loan, with a letter of liability for the loan from him, should not be an issue for most lenders, especially in this economy. It's ok, I can get a loan, she thinks. I feel so much relief. I also told her some of the greater picture behind the divorce, etc, about Master, and his persuasive tactics, and she will go over my papers, and see what she can dig up. She said bullying is kind of hard to prove, but.. There might be something she can do. Funny, I had never thought to use the word 'bullying', but I guess that's what happened!  "You have a choice in all this, but here's what happens if you make the choice you want to make". That's not really choice. I guess that's bullying.  It really hurts, actually, to put that word on it. But it feels healing, too.

I feel good.  I can move on. I suspect Ex will not want to refinance the house, so maybe I can leverage some other kind of settlement for my financial inconvenience out of this from him. Despite his being an asshole about some things, I can still use the karma argument, ok, let's handle this karma, it's not good juju to still have me on your loan. And maybe you can see fit to compensate me for not kicking up a legal fuss, if you decide you don't want to take me off, either way, it's a possible win for me.
I wouldn't mind still being on his loan, if he comes up with some compensation for that. He might be a decent human being after all, let's find out. Either way, I feel better, even if just for having talked to an attorney about what an asshole he was.

Uranus goes retrograde tomorrow in Aries. Ex is an Aries. It will be an interesting time for him.

Had a Scientology session last night, I was a small kid, eaten by a crocodile on the banks of the Upper Nile some 2,000 yeas ago. Ha.  I find that amusing...  I hate swimming in murky water.
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