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The Daughter from The Dead.

So, dinner with S, and she has a bomb to drop on me, she's so pleased with herself, she does the old "I'm not going to tell you but if you guess I can't deny it" routine, and it turns out there was a knock at Ex's door a month ago, and he has a daughter he didn't know he had. She's 24, and is the result of a one night stand at a Dead concert.

Way to go! Acid trip baby.. Nice.

2 glasses of wine and I don't give a shit.. At least she wasn't 6 or 7, so it's not my business. He wasn't married to me at the time. He did used to talk about that concert with a glow on his face though, as being one of the best nights of his life. He didn't mention the one night stand.  Fucker..

Fucking assholes. I didn't need to know that. At this point in the game I find it sort of funny though, in a way... I bet that freaked him out. Uranus in Aries, turning retrograde.

Fuck S, every time I have contact with her, I feel worse afterwards. She leaves me with some fucked up thing that I think about for weeks. Fuck her. 

In other news, work has got crazy, been non stop for a week now. It looks like there's plenty of work for me to do, after all. Mixed feelings about that.

Sex with E still great. Had one of those 'oh my God what WAS that?' orgasms the other morning... I was on top as usual. I feel like he's a passive participant in it all though, he's happy for me to use his body to pleasurize myself, but he doesn't put much effort in. Astrology mentor doesn't like him, he called me the other day, and again mentioned my 'fat slob, the couch potato', and wondered when I would get around to dumping him? Not any time soon.
I like him. I love him. He was there for me when every other fucker vanished.

I am angry today.
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