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......2 Celebrate.............Happy 40th Pip................

Some of my long term readers may remember me posting about my friend and first love Phillip AKA Pip.

Pip left us and travelled to Olam Ba-Ha in 1996 after succumbing to Non-Hodgkins Lymphnoma brought on by an HIV depressed immune system.

Last night a group of approx 30 of us gathered to celebrate his 40th Birthday.

It was an emotional evening but one of joy, celebration, remembrance and fellowship.

I could not HELP but share one of the first pictures of Pip and I.

Enjoy - Pip is next to me on the right and yes, that REALLY is me at 19.

Here are more photos of the event.....

Mazel Tov Pip my darling - you are missed, even though you are always with me.

Me sucking it in for the photo pre-party

My wonderful and elegant Ima

Pip's cake - a stage and musical notes - Pip had a beautiful singing voice

The table

Mish (Pip's sister) and her son Nick - who is a complete doppelganger for his Uncle

Pip's parents

More of the mob

Musical notes were scatter all over the table as decorations - they're semi-quavers if you're interested

Mob :)

Chicken Mignon - Tiger Prawn stuffed Chicken wrapped with Serrano Ham - GORGEOUS!!

Mob - the man in the blue shirt on the R with the lovely smile is Pips younger brother Bryan

Me and Ima

Me the morning after - OW, OWEE, OUCH, WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF G-D WHY?
(it may have been all those bottles of Sav Blanc my friend Simon kept purchasing)

Shalom all.

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