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Boys in Pearls and High Heels Movers

BIP-AHHM. How you like that name? "Boys in Pearls and High Heels Movers"?

I've been able to round up some other gay guys to help Matty and I move next weekend. Can you believe it's almost here?? YAY! It's a lot of work, even though we're just moving across town.

You remember that guy Matty met in one of his classes. "Mike"? He wrote about how he met him (in his post on being Cruised on Campus) and then how I met him. Well, we've become really good friends with him. He and I refer to ourselves as The Sisters! He's so much fun. He also likes to wear eyeliner and femme it up sometimes, so we're adopted each other as Sisters!

Well, Mike offered to help with our move and he rounded up three other gay guys he knows to help us! So we've been thinking about names for our "Moving Company" and came up with this spiffy title: BIP-AHHM, or, "Boys in Pearls and High Heels Movers."

It's actually making the whole moving thing a lot more fun, and we're making more friends!

I'm still in charge of all the details for moving, like getting the utilities arranged and doing the packing, etc. Plus BIP-AHHM is helping think about all kinds of ideas and ways to make the move easier. I mean, if we're gonna move in High Heels, we gotta think this whole thing through, right? Don't want nobody getting hurt with twisted ankles wearing those heels while trying to haul boxes inside and clean up afterwards. I mean, this thing has to be really thought through in a very thorough manner!

So, while I'm doing all this, Matty is staying very busy with his school work. I'm so proud of him. He's gotten himself all organized and into a routine that's making everything much easier for him to be the scholar I know he can be!

Plus, if he doesn't stay on top of his school work, we've formed another group called SOMA, which stands for "Sister's On Matty's Ass"!! And believe me, he's not gonna wanna have these Sisters getting on his case. He just laughed when we told him about SOMA. And he knows we means business!!

So, the moving process is coming along better than we expected. Matty's staying on top of his school work. The Sisters are gonna move us. And Matty's doing his best to keep SOMA happy!

We just have to make sure those high heels don't give us any problems!
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