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Urgh.. I have had legal reason to ask Ex for my final decree divorce papers today. It never ends..I am buying a condo, and it all needs to be verified, that we are in fact divorced, and I am in fact not responsible for paying his mortgage.

Blah..  He has been very quick to respond, I'll give him that. He has an iPhone now, so I know he gets his email immediately.

I didn't realize it, but the paperwork I have is notice of the divorce, not the 'final decree'!  Interesting.  I hadn't looked too closely, I didn't want to.  I just got an envelope in the mail that said 'divorce' on it, and stowed it away in the envelope it came in, and handed that to my mortgage person, assuming that was what she needed.

Had another interesting dream about him this morning. We were driving up through a rocky gorge, and the rocks were carved into interesting works of art kind of like Mt Rushmore, only not Presidents. I was taking photos of it all. We had a red convertible, like the one we had on our honeymoon.

OK, so maybe that's the Sign I've been wanting. Real contact with him. 3 or 4 emails today, after months of silence. That is a pretty in-your-face sign of something. But it was about final divorce papers! How do I read that??  I wanted a sign that he would be back in my life again some day, or no sign at all, if not. That's a real mixed signal.
The Cosmic Joker is fucking with me.  "Yeah, here's your sign lady, now figure that out!!"  Thanks.
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