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Getting Cruised on Campus (part 1.5)

Seems like I'm doing a lot of apologizing lately, more than I hope I ever have to do again in my life. Public apologies, private apologies, internal apologies from myself to myself... It's got to end soon.

So I'm going to add one more apology to all of you. Seems like I'm getting good at saying "I'm sorry" but it never, ever is easy to do.

I really am a good person. At least I can say that and feel good about it and not apologize. 

Sometimes, however, I do and say things without thinking everything all the way through, which I constantly have to be on top of. Sometimes I say things that come out of my mouth the wrong way and I have to apologize. Sometimes my ideas and plans are way too big for any person to follow through with and I have to apologize.

But, I take responsibility for myself and keep trying to do better. And keep trying to be a better person. I really do.

So here's Apology Number 5,462 (at least it feels that many) over the past three-week period:

When I wrote yesterday's post I realized way too late that it was going on longer than I even realized. Sometimes when I start something I loose track of time. So, I had to abruptly end the post and get my ass to school. I said I would finish with the details today.

Well, guess what? This is Thursday and I have an early afternoon class and a late afternoon class. AND I have to get myself to the library early this morning to finish some reading and complete an assignment.

So, I'm getting ready to leave home now and won't be able to finish what I started yesterday. Another example of how I sometimes don't take the time to plan ahead. Another example of how I also loose track of time.

And my apologies to you for not being at my best. I'll have to finish what I was telling you about tomorrow. And, yes, I've checked and my Friday schedule is a whole lot lighter than the others. I've blocked out time to finish what I started.

I hesitate to promise. I'm tired of apologizing. But this is what I can say with absolute certainty: I will do my best.

Thanks for putting up with all this.

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