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Magickal Times

I have had a thoroughly Magickal few weekends..  I can't share too much though, because it's personal information, but I have spent the last 2 weekends with some truly amazing people in the occult community.

E has been working weekends, and not available, so I've gone off to play. It's actually been a lot of fun, though I am starting to miss him a bit now.  After feeling a little constrained lately, by the every-weekend-with-E thing we had got into over the last year, it was a nicely timed break. Perhaps he's been feeling that, too, I don't know. 

One small detail, I bought myself a copy of Wormwood Star this weekend, the biography of Marjorie Cameron. Literally within a few hours of that, the head of the local OTO, uh, 'propositioned' me.. Ha..  I had to laugh at the timing, and say a polite no. He's a nice guy, I like him,but not my type, although, from a Magickal point of view, it would have been an interesting thing to do!  I haven't entirely ruled it out, on that basis. But, he bears an uncanny resemblance to one of my uncles.

Last weekend was a phenomenal astrology one-on-one with a very amazing magickal astrologer. Real boot-camp. What an amazing opportunity.. It fell right into my lap, and just 'worked out that way' that he was available for some personal tutoring. Everything from mundane astrology, to horary, to ritual workings. You hear so many occultists saying that they know next to nothing about astrology, and that always upsets me, it's the axis point for SO many things!!  It's the basic language for most of what they're fucking doing... Go and immerse yourselves in astrology, it's fucking essential...

I had so many "AHA!!" moments, about so many things in my life and the timing of them..  The divorce, leaving Master, (Jupiter, which in Vedic Hindu astrology is called 'Guru', went into my 12th house, the house of 'hidden things'), all of it, was like words on a page, with a little careful explanation from the expert I was lucky enough to get all this from. Blew my brains.   

I also had a REALLY BIG personal breakthrough manifest in my life, which I don't want to mention here for the specific reason it makes me somewhat identifiable. But it's good, really good.  And a big move forward in my process of recovery from all the crap that's happened.

Pluto went direct again at the weekend, and Mars went into Leo.  Life is charging full steam ahead for me at the moment. 

I am wondering now, what about next weekend?? lol 
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