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Ritual and Juno

I had a night to myself last night, and was sort of spontaneously inspired to do a small ritual.  Nothing fancy, just a loose collection of spontaneous gatherings, based on the fact that Venus and Saturn are almost conjunct, and it was a New Moon, time for new beginnings.
Started out with standard Banishing Pentagram, followed by Reiki invocation, and invocation of previous Master, and then gathered together all the things in my house that remind me of Ex. Shoes I wore when we went out, the rug from our old living room, wedding ring, some old bedsheets, a photo of him naked when we first met, a mug from our old kitchen, whatever had that emotional association with it. Piled it all in a heap on the floor, and named each thing, and what it meant to me, and said a prayer. Burnt some of Ex's favourite incense, etc.
I asked for a sign, some contact from him, or a sighting of him somewhere (withOUT bitch), or of Master even. Something unambiguous, that would let me know for sure, if he would ever come back into my life again or not.  I asked for nothing, if he wasn't. By the next Full Moon.
I cried and cried and cried. I think I needed that. At the very least, it was a good letting go, emotionally.

Let's see what happens.

One thing that happened that was quite strange, a few hours later as I lay awake with total insomnia, the energy still buzzing, was I was reading about Juno, something made me read, I just got curious what the asteroid Juno was all about. Marriage. Juno seems to accurately describe the marriage partner's attributes. And so I checked my chart, and I am currently having a Juno return, within a day!  That happens once every 5 years. The article I read was talking about how Juno cycles mean a lot of marriages have big 5 year stages. Ours dissolved after 10, 2 Juno returns from about the date we married.  V interesting, huh?  I consider that a result of some kind, but not sure what exactly.  ;-)
Ex's Juno is conjunct my Saturn. Mine is opposite his Mars. Stability, sexual attraction. Or, limitation, jealousy, anger? All of the above.

I will of course, report anything I think is relevant in that time.
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