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Secret Service Bootcamp

We saw Captain America last night, which was pretty awesome, in a tacky Americans-won-the-war kind of way. (Lots of hot Nazi uniforms. They might have been utterly evil, but they still knew how to dress well and look hot).

I dreamt I was at bootcamp for the Secret Service, and was being grilled and tested by this woman. All kinds of questions and aptitude tests, moral tests, etc.  HHmm.. There is a part of me that would love to be in the FBI, CIA or something.  Blame that on Fox Mulder. 

Had the most amazing sex with E last night. It was funny, he doesn't usually talk much during sex, but last night he was talking, and was laughing about how I like being on top. It's true. He is just built for it.. Then he said, "Go at your own pace, you like it slow, so take it slow.."  O M G.  I just went into this other zone entirely, it was fucking extraordinary. Just the simple act of slowing things down last night increased my sensitivity about 100 times. Felt so incredible, like you always thought sex should feel, but never quite does.  He was just lying there grinning from ear to ear.
When I came, I was just weeping, filled with love, and I said to him, "You can put that on your resume, you make your gf cry, you feel so good".  :)
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