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So yesterday was the Melbourne cup day - the Aussie equivalent of The Kentucky Derby - and my department at work went out for a luncheon at a lovely restaurant.

Long story short - I drank too much - mixed drinks - threw up - clothes were soiled - passed out sitting on a toilet *thankfully* w my pants on.

Anyway - today was the "walk of shame" into work and thankfully my workmates handled it with humor and good natured ribbing.

Kudos to two of my colleagues who have moved from "liked" to "adore". They basically cleaned me up as best as they could and stayed with me until Mum turned up and took me home. ( they basically did the equivalent of 'holding my hair' ).

Went to the docs this morning and found out I also have a touch of food poisoning.

Long story short - I work w the best people in Brisbane. And they handled my out of character but clearly inappropriate behavior w real class.

Now I'm taking two aspirin, a large glass of water, eating some Chinese Food, and having an early night.

Shalom to you all...

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