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Well, news.  The condo.  The offer I had put in had been countered by the monkeys at BofA at a ridiculously high price, so I backed out.. Today, I heard that they had changed monkeys, and another one is on the case, and they wanted very much to sell me the condo at my offer price!  With 3% closing. Hhmm..  I came back with 153.  I figured that if they are that willing, they will drop 2k.  Let's see what happens.

Talk about a rollercoaster.  I have mixed feelings. I had felt some relief that it was off the table, now I'm a little uncertain, to be honest.  I need a day, I think. My head is spinning.  How can anybody make a sound decision on the day Neptune turns direct?  I need a few weeks, I think, but won't get that. They have relisted it at a slightly lower price than their original asking, and it's open now to other offers, even though they are prepared to take mine, if I act quickly. It seems like a no-brainer, but.. I need some time to breath. lol 

I could have my own home again very shortly...  Very interesting and unexpected development.  I think I would be a fool not to, there's not so much on the market here in my price range.  It's a lovely little place, in a fabulous neighbourhood.

The I Ching wasn't helpful, it told me not to reestablish old relationships.  That made me sad.  I wasn't sure if it meant Ex, or the condo, or both!  I was asking about the condo, but the I Ching doesn't care, and is always mischievous.

NOTHING is ever over, until the fat lady has sung her last note.
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