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Wow, 2 weird things happened yesterday and today.

One, I once heard somebody say, which makes perfect sense to me, to repeat magickal acts, as only doing them once is ok, but more, strengthens them. So, I went back to Ex's office last night, he was still there, the light was on.  I once again, got a finger full of pussy juice, and smeared it on his car door. I swear, within about 2 minutes, he came downstairs and got in and drove off. The weird thing was, his light was still on in the office, and I think it must have been his associate up there. I was busy looking at the light, whether it was on or off, to notice him come down. I think he saw me across the parking lot, he did a bit of a double-take. That was ok, as I was on the bus again last night, due to car issues.  So it wasn't all that suspicious, because it's on my way home, and my favourite grocery store is on the same block. Could have been shopping, and in fact, I did have a bag of groceries, I had been.  But..  I felt a little odd, to say the least. I calmly and cooly just turned my face away, and got on the bus that happened to pull up at the same time. Exactly like last time.  How odd is that, twice, he comes downstairs within minutes of me doing that, and drives away in the car, and twice, just as he does so, my bus comes, and I just manage to see him, before we drive away..  Hmm..  Highly Odd.

Fuck, I really should just pick up a fucking telephone, for fuck sake. It's what normal, healthy people do, isn't it?  But, I have to confess of course, that this is somewhat fun, too.
I was also wondering if he got my letter that same day, and whether or not he realized it was me. Could have been, he thought it was bitch, and asked her about it. Oh, I would love that.
No email from him though, so I guess not, and maybe he didn't see me. Maybe I'll never know. 

Fucking monkey-mind.  Arghhh.. Turn it off!!  FFS.  Ok, I needed to get all those 'fuck's out of my system..

I went out for a long walk later last night, and when I got back, I had my headphones on, and just spontaneously started dancing.  I never dance. I haven't danced in YEARS. Last time was at a party with Master, must have been at least 2 years ago, probably.  Then I bust my ankle, and haven't felt strong enough, but last night, I really let it rip for a while, after getting over a layer of self-consciousness and fear, and crying for a bit, at the fact that I haven't danced in so long. What kind of person can't feel enough joy to dance once in a while? Me, apparently.

And this morning, the wonderfully tuned in Sartorious sent me an email about the Dance of the 7 Veils and exactly what it means, ala Tom Robbins, in Skinny Legs and All. That's just too strange, and amusing, and wonderful.
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