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Interesting article on the benefits of Magickal Thinking.  I hadn't realized schizophrenics had too much dopamine.  It's good to have some confirmation in the midst of my own bullshit, I'm doing what is quite normal in order to cope, I guess.  That's somewhat of a comfort.

I had some very crazy dreams last night, one being that I was attaching a whole bunch of camera lenses together in a specific order, and it allowed me to peer into an alternate Universe, ala Fringe. Where's Walter Bishop when you need him? 
Another, I was in a tall tower in a hurricane, it was a hotel or something. I needed to get to the basement to be safe. I followed one of my old junior school friends Alison, down into the basement. We ended  up in the men's bathroom. ~Probably not a safe place for 2 young girls.. ;-)

Just glad not to have dreamt about Ex, really.
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