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HA!!  S just texted me, bitch is indeed having a MAJOR melt down, lots of anger, as I predicted. (She has Uranus about to stop just past her Mars, it really hits her in February).
S said 'you're a better astrologer than you know!'.  :)  That shouldn't make me happy, but it does.  She doesn't want to live with Master any  more.  So long as she doesn't want to live with Ex, I don't give a flying shit.  I can't see that he would want to live with her, he has sworn off living with women, I think, and I can't see Master allowing that one to fly!!  But you know, that might be a good thing, then he would really get to see how crazy she is. S said it's pretty serious.
Also, her job has also relocated, and now she will have a massive commute.

Oh, I hate to gloat, but fuck it, yes I am.  Yes I am. Gloaty gloat gloat gloat.  Well, I have been through a shitty year, its about time it was her turn.

I will call S later, and find out more than the brief but teasing text she sent me.

I didn't get to talk to daughter yesterday. That's ok.  I am waiting...  Waiting... Waiting.. With a bit of renewed hope, for some reason.  If he sees how nuts she is, that's fine with me.  Somehow, he needs to see how nuts I'm not.  I'll work on that.

Very interesting to get all this news, after last week's activities. Something is shifting. I feel it in my bones.

I think what this all is for me, in many ways, is a lesson in how I can and do affect the physical reality I live in. It's a fascinating thing. To put it in terms E would use, from Scientology, "A Thetan has cause over Mass, Energy, Space and Time".  Perhaps on some level, I really do, or can.  Though I'm not sure it's as direct as all that.

AND, the fact that this all comes to light, almost exactly a year to the day that Ex hooked up with bitch, doesn't escape me...
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