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Neptune goes direct again on the 9th, and then things that have been hidden or made invisible or unclear, will start to show themselves again. Look out for secrets coming to light, prophetic dreams, alcoholic binges, anything that fucks with your sense of daily consensus reality. The mass of Humanity will be taking a new direction. Like a Tsunami, it will happen in a way that nothing will be able to stand in it's way. It's inevitable, that the social and political structure of the world will be undergoing a massive change over the next year.   Soon after it goes direct next week, it re-enters Pisces, to stay there for a good long while.

Think what turn your own life has taken since the late 90's, and look back on the lessons learned. You are up for a new set of lessons now, and old outdated things are falling away. It's true for all of us at the moment. 

For me, it was Master, and my previous Master.  I joined previous Master's community in the late 90's.  My life changed completely, due to the more mystical elements of my life coming to the fore. I am an Aquarian, so to have Neptune in my sign for so long really messed with my sense of where my life was going, the values I had, and what I wanted to create, and my self-identity.. During that time, my life took many twists and turns, and I followed my spiritual urges more than anything else.
Not that that will change now, I am who I am, but I see something ahead that is entirely different for myself.  I am done with a certain way to learn things, and am moving more into another part of myself, I can feel it happening, so hard to describe, but it's there. I guess it manifested in being so rudely awakened to the damage relying on an other for your spiritual connection can do. It took a while, but I was weaned off the teat of needing somebody else to play mediator between me and 'God'. No more priests, no more Gurus, no more authority between me and God.  I have grown up somewhat, and outgrown the need for a giant 'Sky-Dad'.

It was all very valuable, and served me greatly. There really is nothing like having a Guru to serve your growth. They are truly needed, and I love my Master with all my heart still. Nobody would ever have been a bigger advocate for having a Guru than me, even until last year. I stick with that, that has not changed. I am not, nor ever will be 'anti-Guru', there is a lot of hate-speech on the net by former students of various Masters and Gurus, but that is definitely not where I am, I can't be clearer about that.I still love both my Masters, and am very much indebted to their love and guidance. But because of my own unique patterns and karmas, that is a lesson I am moving away from.

   So now, for me, for something different.  

I am having trouble letting go of Ex, and have had a lot of anger about it, but the more I feel into the whole idea of the coming Neptune transit, the easier it gets to accept things. Neptune dissolves things. It's like a giant and unavoidable watery solvent, applied to the area of your life where it happens to be at the moment. You come unglued a little.
It moves very slowly, so these things take time, and can sometimes only be seen in hindsight. 
Neptune is moving into Pisces, where it is happiest.  I am looking forward to that!  Personally, and on a grander scale. 
Neptune governs generations, and sets the tone for social life, and collective consciousness and awareness.  I think this really is the start of a New Age. And I mean that in the best sense of the term.  (I hate the 'New Age' dolphin space-brothers bullshit).  It will be a hard transition, as a lot gets swept away in the resulting Tsunami, but when the waters settle again, Neptune will be happier, for the next Decade at least. 
The latest generation of babies born with Neptune in Pisces will be remarkable people, and will really take the world in a different direction, when they come of age. 
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