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Sex Magick

You know what I did tonight? I stopped by Ex's car again. Something in me remembered what a mentor/psychic friend once said to me, that was into Paganism and Tantra. If you want to get a guy to be attracted to you, perform a little sex magick.  Take a little of your pussy juice, and smear it on something he will touch and come into contact with.

So, I have my period today. In all the traditions, that's the most powerful time for a woman's psychic ability, and ability to work magick.

I managed to discretely put my hand down my pants in the dark parking lot, and get a little blood and juice, and wipe it on his door handle. Driver's side.  He will get the taste and smell of my pussy on his hands again. Albeit a homeopathic dose, but some part of him will remember it.

I am realizing what a rash action that was, and how I am acting on pure impulse, with little thought to what would actually happen if he responded in any way!  What would I really do? What do I really want to happen?  I haven't thought that far ahead.  I haven't thought about E.

As I was leaving, I saw his head appear in the window. He didn't see me.

I realized last night, that when I move, I won't be going past his office on the way  home any more. That's a mixed blessing.  I feel some sadness about that!

Now all I have to do is to not get arrested for suspicious activity, or for sticking my fingers up myself in a public place.  Jesus H.
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