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The Butterfly Effect

I signed the offer on the condo today, bang on the Full Moon in Taurus!   155k.  They didn't go for 153, but I had to ask.
I think it will take a little while for the lender to approve, then it's a short 30 days until I close!  Crazy.   I am so not prepared. I had it in my mind that it was a long wait, and it has been, and now it's not so long.  I need to start packing!!  And give my Landlord some notice very soon too. Yikes. That's a scary one. 
I will have to downsize, get rid of a ton of things from the house with Ex, that makes me sad. I have all kinds of things I can't quite bear to part with.

I haven't heard anything from Ex, but his best friend seems quite adamant he wants to be in contact with me again. I guess he didn't find the rose, or figure it was from me, or figure it was an olive branch.  Ah well. Subtlety was never his strong point.  I have run out of tactics now, I will have to think up something else. I am too scared to contact him directly, I kind of want it to come from him, you know?  I want him to make the effort.

I didn't tell S about the rose, but I told her I had to go and touch his car the other day, just for a sense of feeling like he does really exist, and isn't just a figment of my imagination. She was sitting in the parking lot of her bf's regular grocery store, texting me, feeling equally stupid and crazy, so I confessed it, and we had a good laugh at ourselves and each other.  She asked me how I thought touching his car would affect the Universe, and if I thought it would have a butterfly effect.  I hope so.
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