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To Make You Feel My Love

Fucking hate that Dylan song. It was another one of  'our songs', and came on the radio at lunch today. What is this?  2 fairly obscure songs, not played all that often at all, both on the same morning?  It's a conspiracy, I tell ya..

I have to resort to Robert Anton Wilson here, and think about his theory on quantum observable phenomena like this.  Is this happening because I am focused on it, or am I focused on it because it's happening?  Either way, the Cosmic Joker is responsible.  Not even funny, when I almost burst into tears in the restaurant at lunch with E today. 
I know what E would say, being a Scientologist, "A Thetan has cause over Mass, Energy, Space and Time", so probably going to ignore it, and act like it's just happening because I am looking for it.  I also think egos have cause sometimes, over Mass Energy Space and Time.  And not in a good way.

Get a kleenex and take a listen. One of the most amazing love songs ever written. Makes me realize how short we both fell.   

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