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.....2 Return...So...Where The Fuck Have I Been?....

Well....... Today I am right here..

....the last month has been a combination of broken computer, lots of work, lots of counselling, and, lots of thinking..

....Bubb and I are in a much better place and really enjoying our friendship. He was sweet and not only got me a new puter - but also an iPad!!!!! We love the Bubb :)

...I've been thinking alot and have decided that three things need to happen -
1 - I need to fulfil some goals I've been pretty lazy about ie my novel and screenplay
2 - I have to take better care of my health. That means improving my diet and losing some weight.
3 - I need a change of direction in my job. That could mean a different focus in my current job or a new job. We will see.

...I also need to rediscover my faith. My depression has taken the focus away from many things in my life. I need to take back that control, be less of a victim, and more in charge...

...I also need to find a way past this barrier I've erected where my weight and my (lack of a) social life is concerned...

...With my new counsellor and a renewed faith in myself and my friendship w Bubb, I actually feel like I can win again..

... I look forward to continuing to share my journey through life, faith, people and - of course - porn ;) in the new year...

...may HaShem bless you all..

Hugs & Sloppies

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